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    Able People Foundation was corporate as a nonprofit public benefit corporation in April 2002, and received its IRS charity 501 C 3 status in October 2002.

    Able People Foundation is a unique nonprofit charity 501 C 3 organization that has been focused to empower people with disabilities. Our organization is one of the only nonprofit that will accept working and used basic mobility products that no longer are in use by our community, identify other people in need of such products and give them those received products through a qualifying application process. Individuals that we help are very low income (most at or below poverty level), have no insurance or needed basic product won’t be covered. For example, did you know that Medicare or Medicaid will pay for standard walker but it may not cover any walker with seat? Did you know that Medicare or Medicaid may not pay for a manual wheelchair if a power wheelchair purchased? Did you know that walker with seat could cost hundreds of dollars?

    Able People Foundation has been operated by very dedicated volunteers with no paid staff since 2002. It means that almost all donated dollars will directly be used toward our mission and Giving Programs to directly benefit Seniors with physical limitations and Individuals with disabilities. Your donations will be used to purchase products, do adjustments on donated products, educational programs and more.

    We believe in transparency. Since our inception in 2002, required by IRS or not, Able People Foundation has filed all its informational and tax returns, including 990 through reputable CPA firm, Crawford, Pimentel & Co., Inc.–Certified Public Accountants – in Silicon Valley, and available for public review. Our corporate documents have been issued and reviewed by Cooley Godward Law Firm in Palo Alto, California. Our organization runs and being oversees by six dedicated professional and experienced Board/hands-on Management volunteered members that are responsible for daily operation, administration, and wellbeing of the organization for interest of the public. In addition, we have four other volunteers that assist us with other works, such as fundraising, grant writing, inventory management, and etc.

    To continue assisting our community and help those in most need when Able People Foundation is their last hope, we need and count on your generous monetary donations.


    Able People Foundation is a 501 C 3 organization. We accept monetary and equipment donations to help people with disabilities better access the mobility and assistive equipment that they need. If you have any questions, and or would like to receive our IRS 501 C 3 letter, please do not hesitate to contact us
    Thank you for your support!
    We accept online credit card donations through PayPal, a secure website that passes on your full donation directly to Make an online donation today!

    Tax Information

    A monetary gift made to Able People Foundation before midnight on any given year may qualify for a tax-deduction on your taxes in accordance with all rules and regulations of the IRS.
    Please consult your tax advisor or financial planner before making a substantial gift.

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